Gold Red Curtains

In the past, only the rich and affluent were able to buy curtains and adorn their rooms. They usually used plain and colored curtains. The material was mostly silk or linen. Some house owners even used wool curtains in winter times. Though times have changed, the purpose of curtains has not changed. It is used to provide privacy inside the house from the prying eyes outside and also to keep the interiors warm during the winter days. Curtains also helped in blocking light from entering the house when darkness was needed.

When the textile industry developed and weaving techniques advanced, curtains became less expensive and even the common man could afford to buy them. People tried to increase the charm and attraction of the curtains by finding novel methods in hanging them. More elaborate designs and patterns were introduced in curtains, and newer types of fabrics were used in making them. Traditional curtain designs depended more on fabrics with floral patterns since these could add some design and take away the boring and dull look of the plain walls.

Just as different hanging styles enhanced the beauty of the curtains, it also made the curtains richer and more elaborate in its look. Instead of using the same color or only one color, different colors were mixed and matched to add life to curtains and rooms. Gold and red were the most preferred traditional colors. Red curtains with golden borders were very common in rich houses. Gold red curtains stood as the symbol of affluence in those days, and even today it is considered as a traditional and rich window decoration.

While cotton was the most popular fabric used for making curtains for the common man, the rich families adhered to silk, velvet, and linen. The main reason is that these fabrics offered rich colors and a look and feel of affluence and luxury. Gold red velvet curtains or gold red silk curtains were seen in almost all high class homes. Gold and red were preferred over other colors as they essentially had a look of luxury and prestige. When curtain fabrics and the techniques of making curtains became affordable to the middle class, they too imitated the color combination of the curtains used by the elite class and adorned their windows with gold red curtains to get an appearance of richness. Though the materials were much cheaper, the colors were the same.

Times have changed and the concepts of interior decoration and window treatments have undergone revolutionary transformation. Today, traditional window dressings are used more as a theme to bring an aura of the old world to modern houses. Thus, you can find traditional style curtains in a contemporary house, not as a custom but as a style. Gold red curtains are a link to the past; to a world of opulence that was once the privilege of a limited number of people. Today, they are everywhere, but its association with luxury and elegance is not yet lost, and that is why people still use it.