Red Curtains

Even though blinds have become very popular in the last few decades, a lot of people are returning to the trend of adorning the rooms with curtains. You can find many reasons for this present preference for curtains over blinds. A few of the reasons include factors that curtains are less costly, it is easy to make them from any fabric, even upholstery fabric, it is possible to make them with hands, are easy to maintain, and they can be matched with the other decoration elements in the room like furniture, throw rugs, etc.

Red curtains

Among the several advantages of selecting curtains over blinds, the most important is that they are really easy to clean and maintain. Blinds are hard to clean as each slat has to be cleaned to remove the dust. In the case of curtains, you can either dry clean them or just do a normal wash. This aspect makes people choose curtains over blinds, particularly when they consider the spring cleaning process.

Another benefit of curtains is that they are really inexpensive when compared to blinds. Custom blinds are very expensive while curtains could be less costly, particularly when you purchase them on discount or when you buy ready made curtains. It is true that custom draperies are far more expensive than blinds. However, majority of the people nowadays are avoiding the use of the heavy custom draperies and turning to less heavy curtains.

When you make your own curtains, it will help you to save considerable amount of money. You can easily make curtains. You can even use bed sheets to make curtains. You will require only a straight stitch on the sewing machine to make a curtain. There are other ways that involve no stitches at all. You can use an iron on basting technique. It is really easy to make curtains that require no sewing. You can easily create the seam with the help of the iron on basting tape. If you have a cream fabric and a red bordering cloth, you just need to use the iron on basting tape to join the two fabrics and get a cream red curtain


If you are making handmade curtains, it is possible to use any type of fabric you like; you can also use any color you want. If you have a cream bed sheet and a red quilt, use them to make a cream red curtain with two different fabrics and colors. This will be useful when you are making curtains to match the other design elements in the room like furniture and throw rugs. If you want a harmonious look, you can match the colors of the curtains, throw rugs, and furniture. However, this does not imply that they all should be in the same color. You just need to coordinate one or two design elements to get a matching and harmonious look. For instance, if you have a cream sofa and red throw rugs, you can either make a cream or red curtain or combine both the colors to get a cream red curtain. You can also make curtains having cream and red prints. This will make all the design elements blend with each other harmoniously; and, that too with only a little expense.

You can also find several other reasons for choosing curtains over blinds to decorate rooms. You can easily make curtains even if you are a beginner in stitching. Curtains can match with the other design elements in the room and bring a look of unity. No matter if you use curtains that require no sewing, make hand made curtains or purchase the ready made ones, they will help you to save a lot of money when compared to using blinds to cover your windows.